Prairie State Bank & Trust's Online Banking

Thank you for your interest in Prairie State Bank & Trust's Online Banking.

In order to register for Online Banking you MUST sign this original form, return it to your bank branch, AND complete the electronic registration form, which will follow by selecting BEGIN at the bottom of this page. Without taking these steps, you will not be registered for Online Banking.

  • To enable transfers between accounts through Online Banking, please complete the following:
    Daily Transfer
    ($500 is default amount)
    Acct. Type Acct. Number Acct. Type Acct. Number
  • Click here to print.
    If you are unable to print this page, click here to email us your address so we can mail you this form. Continue to register by clicking on the BEGIN button at bottom of page.

  • Sign and date this form.

  • Mail the form to the address below or drop it off at any Prairie State Bank & Trust branch location.

  • Prairie State Bank & Trust
    Attn: Online Banking Department
    P.O. Box 470
    Virden IL 62690
If you receive an error message, anytime during the registration process, please contact Prairie State Bank & Trust Toll Free at 1-800-597-2977 so that we can review the error message that you have received.

By signing below I hereby acknowledge reading the Prairie State Bank & Trust Privacy Statement and assert that the information I am about to submit is accurate to my knowledge. I understand that only the accounts I select during registration will be displayed within Online Banking. I also acknowledge that if Online Banking is not used at least once within six months Online Banking will be cancelled and I would need to reregister for the service.

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Signature Printed Name Date
*We only need the signature of the account holder whose social security number will be submitted on the registration form.